The Association

The Canadian Association of Turkish Professionals (hereinafter the ” Association “) is a non-for-profit organization whose mission is to be the voice of professionals and entrepreneurs of Turkish origin as well as any other person sharing the similar values.

The Association was established following the finding that Turkish professionals and entrepreneurs often had no platform to: share their achievements, create a network of contacts and contribute to the advancement of the Turkish community in Canada.

In early 2015, the founding members of the Association have agreed to remedy this situation and by working on the above-mentioned situations. Thus, October 29th, 2015, the Association was incorporated under Canadian law on non-profit organizations.

The Association aims to achieve charitable goals on two axes :

  • Promote education by: providing scholarships; creating, distributing and updating a school guidance guide for pre-university students; offering internships to students of high school and post-high school level; providing support to Turkish foreign students through an orientation guide.
  • Treat the unemployment situation among Turkish professionals and graduates by: offering training programs, seminars and workshops on professional and soft-skills; creating a members’ directory to help them find resources in areas of in which they need assistance.

In addition to the objectives listed above, the Association aims to promote networking between professionals and entrepreneurs, generate business opportunities between members as well as being a place of reference for the Turkish representation in Canada.

To achieve its mission and the ambitious goals the Association has adopted various tools.

First, a clear organizational structure, agile and composed of diverse skills and from diverse backgrounds has been established. Moreover, the various committees of the Association are recruiting members able to contribute to its path to the success.

Second, a calendar of events involving four thematic was built: networking, learning and training, outreach and academic scholarships.