NGO’s: the driving force of societies

Unlike government sponsored organisms, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) rely on the effort, motivation and contribution of the members of the society from which they have sprung. All NGOs usually start as a reaction to needs detected in the society around and evolve accordingly. They reflect the interests, necessities and aspirations of different aspects of the society. Consequently the NGOs usually are beacons of innovation and ideas that have sprung from necessity and developed to become locomotives  for the betterment and advancement of the society.

It is useful for  professionals and actors of the business world to support and participate with NGOs not only in the financing aspect but specially as active idea generating partners so as to be at the beat of the social needs and draw innovation through this participation.

As has been relentlessly repeated in the business world: needs drive innovation, development and production. There are many researches, studies and polls who can help determine social trends and needs, but most of them are not evaluating the reactionary aspect of social evolution. NGOs are usually driven by reactionary waves, thus they are the pulse of social trends and can illuminate the path to better development.

All in all NGOs can be useful allies in the management of social trends and needs. Professional participation and cooperation will be of benefit for the betterment if all!

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