Cooking with the Neighboor

Famous Turkish cook Kemal Demirasal will be at restaurant Ikanos on February 23rd and 24th.

At Ikanos we enjoy the art of sharing. We share dishes, laughs, memories… And, for the occasion of Montréal en lumière festivities, we are pleased to also share our kitchen with the man that put Turkey on the gourmet map and introduced the avant-gardist concept of a free-menu restaurant in his native country:  Kemal Demirasal.

With his eclectic profile, Kemal did not give himself a career, he created a lifestyle, a philosophy. After a successful career of fifteen years in professional windsurfing he became a self-made chef, a mix of infinite curiosity, fierce hard work, and a sincere hunger for change. At his two restaurants, Barbun and Alancha, ambiance and food are not competing, they respect one another. Just like he does with his precise ingredient choice over the seasons. At Alancha he offers a twenty course experience without menu, without recipe and without pretention. Creative, just like him. We all look for some ways to find an inner peace: he does it with through his Anatolian inspired cuisine.

On February 23rd and 24th, we invite you to appreciate the cheerful taste of sharing with our special four hands crafted menu meant to make you discover one dish from each chef every course.

Live an experience echoing the cultural diversity that makes us that unique and proud!


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